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As the world's leading corset manufacturer, it's fair to say we know all there is to know about corsets.

From super-comfy fashion corsets designed to impress, to our steel boned waist training corsets that can cinch in your waist by up to four inches – one thing's a definite - we've got all the corsets you could ever dream of.

Corsets are our passion. We've been making them for years, and we know all the ins and outs it takes to make a great corset.

That means, when you buy from us, you know you'll be getting the best. We use our knowledge of corsets to create designs that will make you feel amazing when you tie up that corset cord and look in the mirror.

It's not often you come across a piece of clothing that really stands the test of time, but take a look into the history of corsets and you'll soon see that the humble corset bucks this trend.

Corsets have been around for centuries, but it wasn't until the 16th century when it really hit its height of fame.

And things just went from strength to strength – as a look through any Victorian woman's wardrobe would tell you.

These days, the corset is zooming back up the popularity charts as women look to corsets to create shapely curves, and help them knock inches off their waists.

Everyone loves variety and that's why we make it a top priority to offer corsets that appeal to a whole host of tastes and styles.

Our corsets come in all sorts of different designs – from seriously industrial-style steampunk corsets to ultra-flirty burlesque corsets designed to dazzle.

Meanwhile, for fans of the dark and mysterious, our gothic corsets are bound to impress, while the funky styles of the 1950s rock and roll scene can be found in our rockabilly corsets section.

Then there's our waist training corsets. They're ideal if you're looking to train your waist on a permanent basis, and get an hourglass figure that will make eyes pop.